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Toys Radio Control

X-Twin Pro 3D Air Dasher

Radio controlled, twin propeller 3D Stunt Plane

This aeroplane is made from polypropelene foam so as to withstand crashes. It comes with a spare propeller, landing wheel and protective shell. It can be controlled on any of three bands or you can control up to three planes for races perhaps. The plane will fly for up to 10 minutes before it needs a recharge.


The plane is powered by two wing mounted motors that can be controlled seperately via the transmitter. It also features an elevator function which will enable you to perform fantastic looking loops and dives.The plane is packaged in a large box so it is fully assembled and reay to use, all you will need to start flying is the 6 x 1.5v AA batteries to operate the transmitter as they are not included.

Age: 8+
RRP: £29.99
Competition start date: 20th Jan 2010
Closing date: 20th Feb 2010