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Dimzu's Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter a prize draw?
Just enter your email address and your postcode in the ‘Enter Now’ form on your chosen competition page. Click ‘Enter Free Prize Draw’ and you will have entered the competition.

Does it cost anything to take part?
It costs absolutely nothing to enter any of Dimzu’s free prize draws, gratis, nada, zero, zip,…

What are the prizes?
All the prizes are listed on the web site.

Do I have to become a member?
No, there is no membership or sign-up procedure. All we want is your email address so we can contact you when you win and postcode so you can confirm it’s you.

Why do you need my postcode?
Because of unfair multiple entries from people using automated software applications, cheating the system, we ask for the postcode of where the winning prize will be sent. If we see large blocks of identical postcodes we can remove these entries making it fairer for everyone else

Can you send a winning prize to an address with a different postcode to the one used to enter the competition?
NO! We will only send a winning prize to an address with the postcode used when entering a competition.

Can I enter more than once?
The competitions are limited to 1x submission per email address per draw.

What is the deadline for entering the draws?
All the competition closing dates are on the specific prize draw pages.

When will the prize be drawn?
The competition will be drawn within 3 days of the free prize draws closing date.

How do I know if I’ve won?
We will send the winning entry a confirmation email asking for your delivery address.

How do I collect my prize?
We will send your prize directly to you.

Will I be charged to claim my prize?
No, there are no charges for claims, delivery or anything else. It’s completely free!

When will my prize expire?
If you do not reply to our confirmation email, with your password and delivery address, claiming your free prize, within 4 weeks it will be re-entered in another draw.

Can I change my prize?
Not unless stated on the individual competition page.

What are my chances of winning?
Everyone has a chance of winning, the odds depend on the amount of entrants. Winners are picked completely at random.

Will Dimzu use my details for anything else?
We do not use your personal details for any additional promotional or third party activities. However if you win a prize you may be asked to take part in promotional publicity.

How will my prize be arranged?
If you are a lucky winner we will contact you, via the entered email address, on the day that the prize is drawn, confirming you as the winner and requesting your delivery address. Once we have received this information from you we will ship your prize at no cost.

Please read our Terms & Conditions for full rules and details.