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This section contains games for all the family. We are not talking about free downloadable, or online games, we have proper quality board games to give away. Keep checking back to see what we are giving away, with no cost or hidden catches.

X-Twin Pro 3D Air Dasher

Radio controlled, twin propeller 3D Stunt Plane.

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Enter latest competition for free

Destination Hogwarts

The award winning Harry Potter game for all the family.
Harry Potter free game competition

War on Terror

A satirical board game based on the War on Terror.
War on Terror free game competition


Welcome to the world of endless entertainment. You have just entered Dimzu’s Games section. From toddlers to seniors we are sure to have something in store for everyone. We present you tons of games categorized under board games, card games, strategy and video games. This is not an exhaustive list of the range that we offer. Take your time to browse through our Game section to get completely familiar with the quality of entertaintment and value for money that we present our customers with. Whether you want to buy a friend a premium quality game or just want to buy something for travel at a reasonable price, we have games to suit wallets of all sizes.

Now you’re favourite Harry Potter, X-Men Origins, G.I. Joe and lots more movies have taken the form of games to provide you with the opportunity to enter the fantasy world that you have always dreamt of. We take pride in having a wide collection of such games. Also we will be presenting to you the products from some of the best known brands. With Dimzu you would never have to worry about the warranty of a product as you might never need it. Our products speak for themselves when it comes to quality.

Take advantage of various competitions we have on our site to win fabulous prizes and utilize super saving offers. If you are a game freak and looking for something more challenging to enhance your gaming skill, then we have a lot to feed your game hungry appetite. The latest versions of playstations and various other alternatives that can keep your mind occupied for months to come are available with us. Just name your requirements and we will find the ideal game for you. Do not waste any more time, you’re just a few clicks away from a lively gaming experience.