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This section contains  wide selection of cool prizes of a technical nature. We are giving away electronic thingy’s and any gadgets or gizmos we think fall into this category.

Keep checking back to see what we are giving away, with no cost or hidden catches.

Eolo-Sport Spy Kite

Take birds-eye view photos from a delta wing Spy Kite.

Enter latest gadget competition for free
Enter latest gadget competition for free

MAXELL Crystal Buds

Stylish earphones with Swarovski crystals set in each earpiece.

Time Domain Docking Speaker

First iPod Docking Speaker to be based on the time domain theory.

Wireless Headset & Mic

Superior 2.4GHz Frequency, digital headset

Dimzu extends a warm welcome to all the Gadget Freaks in the world. This is the ideal place to be, if you have a burning desire to win for free some of the wonderful gifts of technological innovations. If you are new to the world of Gizmo competitions then we welcome you too, and hope you enjoy the comfort and entertainment offered by consumer Gadgets and are lucky enough to win some from our free prize draws. For Novices in the arena of Gizmos, Gadgets are technological devices manufactured to perform a specific function. This could range from a tiny organizer that keeps you alert about your appointments to your multi-faceted I-Phone that acts as a Phone, I-Pod and a mini browser interface.

Take your time to carefully browse through the wide range of gadgets we offer as free prizes to our customers. We will have something for everyone in our Dimzu store. Be it Video Games, Cell Phones, Organizers, I-Pods, Electronic Toys, Crystal Buds, Spy Kite or Docking Speakers you will be able to find some of the best deals to buy the gizmo of your choice from our website. The products we will be selling are the epitome of premium quality, reasonably priced and changing trend. Buy our products to get complete value for your money. Without taking the trouble of travelling to a shop, we offer you the opportunity to gain a satisfying shopping experience.

Our products come from some of the best known brands in the world such as Maxell, Shure, Apple, Nokia, Sony and to many more to be mentioned. Browse through all the items in each brand and compare the features and pricing before settling for one that suits your requirements. Seek the service of Dimzu and be assured you will keep coming back to us for the quality of service we offer our customers. We take great pride in providing you with the best possible products in the world at the best prices.